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Costume Contest

This year's homecoming theme is the "Roarin' Twenties!" In honor of times long ago (one hundred years to be exact), we want you to don your best '20s digs for a costume photo contest.  

Hit a home run as Babe Ruth. Channel your inner Coco Chanel to develop an outstanding fashion ensemble. Be inspired by 1920's icons like Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart and Josephine Baker. Connect to the literary work of authors like  Langston Hughes or  Zora Neale Hurston. Support forward motion like a suffragette. 

This costume contest permits spooky or Halloween costumes as well as time period costumes from the 1920s. We're excited  to see costumes that embrace the Roarin’ 20s theme . And, bonus points for those who can combine the two! 

Submit your photo with your name, email and a sentence or two regarding the inspiration for your costume to by Wednesday, October 28 at 5:00 PM

Homecoming is sponsored in part by the Tech Golden Bear Alumni Association.
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