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Golden Bear Royalty

Applications for Golden Bear Royalty  will be available beginning January 10. The nomination deadline is February 2.    

NOTE: Only student organizations may nominate candidates for Golden Bear Royalty     

January 10th - Nomination Forms Live

February 1st – Nominations Due

February 2nd – Homecoming Court Information Meeting

Week of February 6th – Interview with Homecoming Committee Members

February 11th – Winners Announced at halftime of the women's basketball game

Scoring Rubric

This year, Golden Bear Royalty will be not be decided solely on a vote by the student body, other aspects of campus involvement will be included. 

Campus Cup Events – 1 point for every Campus Cup event participated in

Campus Involvement – 1 point for different way you are involved on campus (Clubs, athletics, work study, community service, etc.) max of 5 points


1st place – 4 points

2nd place – 3 points

3rd place – 2 points

Below 3rd – 1 point

Interview – Rubric for Interview to follow